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After a long day in the wintery cold or a long hike in the beautiful Mountaineering Village of Mauthen, you can relax in the in-house Finnish sauna.

Our small relaxation room invites you to refuel your energy and enjoy the silence. No matter whether you are a mountain climber, motorcyclist or simply seek relaxation – there is something for everyone!

Our wellness program for you!


Website: www.kraftkreis.at

Back massage

By using warm stones, the tension in your back and neck area will be released. Also ideal for motorcyclists!

Duration: 25 min / Price: €33

Full body massage

The back, shoulders, neck, arms, and legs are pampered with this treatment. This way you experience relaxation all along the line and your well-being is improved holistically.

Duration: 50 min / Price: €64

Sporting spirit

Ideal after long hikes and extensive outdoor activities to loosen up the back and leg muscles and to prevent sore muscles.

Duration: 25 min / Price: €33


Take a break and let your mind wander. Here you will experience a combination of relaxing and loosening massage techniques. The face, head and neck are treated.

Duration: 25 min / Price: €35


Kärnten - BeherbergungBergsteigerdorf Mauthen


Hotel-Pension Restaurant
Fam. Franz Guggenberger
Mauthen 82
9640 Kötschach-Mauthen
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